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Our commitment as shipping agent in Mauritius to provide quality service:

PAS (Mauritius) Ltd is a registered reliable and effective shipping agent operating within the Port-Louis harbour in Mauritius. As a responsible Shipping Agent we take our business very much at heart. Our team has tailored the company's services to ensure that customers experience Shipping Agency with a different touch. We have also ensured the preservation of a lean corporate structure through the years so as to offer a perfectly levelled quality of service to cost ratio for all shipping agency services we offer at Port Louis. We understand that as a shipping agent, it is our role to safeguard our client's interest when his vessel is visiting the Port-Louis Harbour at Mauritius. We have over time acquired a solid reputation as being reliable port agents. Indeed, PAS Ltd has to date served a long list of renowned customers at Port Louis Harbour. We have always delivered up to expectations and beyond; be it on straight forward operations or more ambiguous ones. We hope to have the pleasure to soon act as your port agent at Port-Louis and allow you to experience shipping agency services from a different perspective.
Your dedicated Shipping Agent in Port Louis, Mauritius
The PAS Team

Rony Ragavoodoo