Mauritius Container Terminal

Mauritius Container Terminal

While the port of Port Louis is controlled by the Mauritius Port Authority, the Mauritius Container Terminals (MCT) is under the responsibility of the Cargo Handling Corporation Limited, the operator of container activities (Loading, unloading, delivery and reception) in Port Louis. The Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT) is 560 metres long with a dredge depth of 14 metres, situated in the north side of Port Louis Harbour.

The MCT operation acts as both an import and export port and also as a transshipment port in the Indian Ocean for containers using 5 post-Panamax gantry cranes that are available at the Terminal which perform 21 moves per hour and the waiting time of a boat is approximately 3 hours. There are five porticoes which can each handle up to 100,000 containers per year which soon will be increased. Also, round the clock services are provided throughout the year for pilotage and tug assistance. Presently our harbour have the capacity to accommodate ships up to 5000 TEU but with the first-hand investment, the government is looking forward for 8000 TEU vessels to call in Mauritius which are displaced from USA, Europe, and Asia routes. The port handled about 5.9 million tonnes of cargo for the years 2006 and 2007, inclusive of container traffic of about 280,381 TEUs where about 2,392 vessels call at Port Louis during the same period. Their target is to rise the volume of containers traffic at Port Louis to facilitate international trade, speed up the movement of containers and simultaneous berthing of two and more fully containerised vessels.

Futuristic Port Louis Harbour

The government aims at developing the port of Port Louis by way of the extending, strengthening and deepening the existing navigational channel leading to the Mauritius Container Terminal quay. This will enhance international competitiveness and place Mauritius as a strategic platform to cater for increase in traffic for regional transshipment containers. The government wants the port of Port Louis to be a major base for the international shipping operations and other activities related to shipping. The port will also be equipped with substantial investments in modern port infrastructure and facilities where the terminal will be extended to 240 meters, while the land to store the containers will be expanded by 6.5 acres where containers are transferred between the container stacking yard and the quay using terminal trucks. This work should enable the port to have a throughput capacity of 750,000 TEU against 550,000 containers per year with the refurbishment of three existing quays cranes, and the development of the Island Container Terminal. This will empower our Shipping Company in Mauritius to offer grand services to our valuable customers towards quality and efficiency. Also, security of vessels and customers visiting the port will be enhanced through the acquisition of a High Definition CCTV camera system and the construction of a floodwall along the length of the Mauritius Container Terminal to prevent flooding during cyclonic weather conditions. With the project of extending the Mauritius Container Terminal, its groundwork will be improved and will enable the port to accommodate large and longer vessels with a larger draft. Cargo Handling Corporation Limited intends to develop full fledge Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) operations at the Mauritius Container Terminal so as to maximise space and the new berths of the Mauritius Container Terminal will smooth the inbound and outbound movement of containers.

Mission of our Shipping company in Mauritius

Furthermore, using the implementation of the 'single window declaration' will enable us, as your Port Agent in Mauritius to simplify the procedures for vessels who call at Port Louis. The vision of the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) is to develop Port Louis into a regional maritime, logistics and business hub. As a shipping agent in Mauritius, PAS (Mauritius) Ltd mission is to ensure safety of navigation and smooth operations of your vessels at berth. Our agency strategies are to become professional intensive and time sensitive in the maritime industry to meet the growing needs of our customers. These changes will make the port of Port Louis an indispensable platform for the Indian Ocean.

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