Bunker: The Rules & Regulations

  • Deliveries are carried out all around the clock (24/24) by all suppliers.
  • All deliveries MUST be done within set limits (i.e 2 nautical miles max from the fair way buoy). *
  • Pilot & tug assistance compulsory within the inner harbour for all vessels above 100 GRT.
  • Mooring buoys within the inner harbour (maximum vessel draft 11,0 metres).
  • Outer Anchorage (between 17 and 70 metres water depth), but still within official Port Limits.
  • Useful Outer Anchorage Positions for bunkering operations: 20 08.50 S – 057 27.87 E, 20 07.43 S - 057 27.89 E
  • A pipeline due is levied whether bunkering is done at berth or at anchorage. USD 1.15 multiplied by tonnage lifted.
  • Independent Bunker Surveyors can be made available upon request to [email protected]
This page is up to date as at: January 18, 2018