Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the harbour in Mauritius? Port Louis Harbour
Where is Port Louis found? The exact latitude and longitude of Port Louis are 20.1644° S, 57.5041° E
What is the time in Mauritius? GMT+4
What is the International Dialing Code for Mauritius? 230
What is Mauritius currency? MUR
How to contact Port Louis Harbour? Port Louis Harbour Radio is the official coast radio for radio communications, manned round the clock throughout the year, through VHF channel 14 and channel 16
What is the name and contact of the Port Facility Security Officer? ✪ Mr. S. RAMPHUL ✪ ✪ Tel: (+230) 217 2045
Is arrival/departure depending on tide? No
How many airports are there in Mauritius and state the distance of the nearest one? Only 1 Airport namely; Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport which is 42 km from our port.
What type of vessels Port Louis harbour can accommodate? ★ Bulk Carrier ★ Cruise ★ Oil Tankers ★ Chemical Tankers ★ LPG Carriers ★ LNG Carriers ★ Submersibles ★ Yacht ★ Fishing Vessels ★ Oil Rigs ★ Others
Additional harbour info ★ Anchorage depth: 20.1m - 21.3m ★ Cargo pier depth: 7.1m - 9.1m ★ Oil terminal depth:11m - 12.2m ★ Dry dock: Medium ★ Harbor size: Small ★ Harbor type: Coastal Breakwater ★ Max size: Up to 500 feet in length
Is pilotage service compulsory? Pilotage service is compulsory for all vessels over 100 GRT, is available round the clock upon request, while conditions apply for white oil and LPG tankers, which are only berthed between sunrise and sunset.
Is outer anchorage possible? Yes, safe anchorage is available outside the harbour limits in depths varying from 14 metres to 70 metres.
How is fresh water delivered at Port Louis? It is supply through a barge during daylight from 07.00 am to 04.00 pm.
Who handles port operation at Port Louis? The Cargo Handling corporation Limited (CHCL) is the only operator for container handling activities at Port Louis and handles also general and bulk cargoes excluding products through pipelines.
What is the maximum sizes of vessels which can be accommodated alongside? ★ Draft 10m ★ Depth14.5
Are mooring buoys available inside harbour? Yes and it applies only to vessels having maximum draft 11, 0 metres
What is the exact name and the address of the berth for the cruise? Christian Decotter cruise jetty
Is a Terminal building available for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers? Negative no terminal building – a marquee needs to rented

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