Bunkering in Mauritius

PAS (Mauritius) Ltd is proud to be the first shipping agent in Mauritius and Port-Louis to bring a fully comprehensive Quick Reference Guide for Bunker trading and bunkering in general Mauritius. This guide is mainly aimed at answering the questions often asked by bunker traders, ship owners and charterers when they are planning to uplift bunkers in Mauritius and Port-Louis. The guide contains the most up to date and relevant information regarding bunker traders in Mauritius and bunkering in Port-Louis. 
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A small definition of terms used in this section:

What does the term "bunkering" mean?

Bunkering is the process through which a ship takes fuel from either land based pipelines or barges. Barges are normally small to medium sized tankers which (most commonly though not exclusively) are positioned within the anchorage area of a port.

How is bunkering carried out at Port-Louis?

Bunkering at Port-Louis can be done either at berth or at anchorage. Pipelines for delivery of bunkers at Quay are readily available and in very well maintained condition. And for anchorage services, Port-Louis has a number of barges operated by a diverse set of suppliers dedicated to this activity. The details of these barges are listed here below.


Bunker Suppliers Active in Mauritius

PENINSULAEuroport Building 8-9, Suite 921, Gibraltar+350 200 46910
Bunker One, MauritiusOffice 2906, JBC 1, Cluster G, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai - UAE+971 551 33 3378 / +971 586 68 8744
Stonewin2nd Floor, Les Clusias Tower, 24A, Lislet Geoffroy Street Cathedral Saint Louis Square Port Louis, Mauritius+371 6 771 68 00

For any kind of query email us at:

mauritius.ops@stonewin.org / bunkers@stonewin.org

EngenQuay D Road, GPO Box 311, Port Louis2066000
TOTAL Tromelin St, Port Louis2075600
Vivo EnergyCemetry Road, Roche Bois, Mauritius2061234
Indian OilMer Rouge, Port Louis, Mauritius2172710
TRAFIGURA GLOBAL SERVICES PVT LTD11th Floor, A Wing, One BKC Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051+91 22 33712500

Bunker Barges and Usage

MT VerdeBarge Picture Specs
MT TULIPBarge Picture Specs
MV SPLENDOURBarge Picture Specs
MT ELISEBarge Picture Specs
MT EMILYBarge Picture Specs
MT HAKASSANBarge Picture Specs

Bunker - The local imports

The greater share of the product supplied by the listed local players emanate from private imports. Since the partial liberalisation of the sector in 2014, the bunkering field has seen an increase in competitivity and efficiency. After the 2020 IMO low sulphur regulations, the main types of products being offered on the territory are MGO and VLSFO. Some suppliers do keep a small avail of HFO for vessel with scrubbers. With the increasing liberalisation of the market and the incentives offered by the MPA, we are positively hopeful that Port-Louis will increase its bunker client base.

Control of imports

Local bunker imports are tightly controlled by the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection through its trading arm known as the State Trading Corporation (STC). The STC is the main authoritative figure to control the quality and specifications of products being imported. There are specific grades of product which are allowed to be imported on the Mauritian territory to be sold as bunkers, these include:

The exact specs for these fuels can be found on page 1653 of the government notices bearing reference number: GN 254 of 2017. We are attaching an extract of this notice here for your reference.
The specs of bunker are limited the one mentioned in the notice for the sake of having conform and quality products which will not damage the engines of ships bunkering at Port-Louis and thereby maintain Mauritius as a reference place to lift bunkers securely.
The authorities will expect that all parameters of imported bunker fuel are within stipulated limits. However the 5 critical elements in the list and that are tested before the fuel is allowed to be landed are:
  1. Sulphur Content,
  2. Flash Point,
  3. Density,
  4. Sediment
  5. CFPP.

The other authorities that must be liaised with during an import of bunkers in Mauritius includes:

The purpose of this bunker guide is to allow you, the viewer, to have, to a certain extent, a general overview of how the bunkering industry at Port-Louis is structured. However, we would advise you for specific operations to ask for further details to operations@portagent.mu 


Overall state of bunkering in Mauritius

Overall, the market of bunkering in mauritius has been on the rise especially more since 2014 when the market started to open up to indiependent imports. Currently the local market sells around 500,000 MT of Fuel Oil  and 120,000 MT of MGO to passing vessels on a yearly basis.