Related Services

There are quite a few services directly and indirectly related to bunkering at Port-Louis. Some of these services are detailed below

Bunker Samples


  • Master should ensure that:
  • A copy of the MSDS and sample bottle is duly handed to our boarding officer.
  • Ensure that handed sample bottle is perfectly sealed and as per recommended industry standards. We use DHL service for all bunker sample despatch.

Local Analysis:

  • Labs available locally for bunker/oil sample analysis:
  • 1. SGS-Mauritius SGS House, Valentina Phoenix
  • 2. IndianOil (Mauritius)Ltd –Laboratory (ISO 9001-2015 Cert.) Mer Rouge, Port Louis

Disposal of fuel and lubricants

  • Specialized facilities for disposing of fuels available at Port-Louis.
  • Please contact us on for further details.