Cruise Port Facilities

Ship Supplier of Local & Imported Products:

Fresh & Frozen Vegetables, Fruits & Meat, Bonded & Dry Stores, Cabin, Deck, Electrical & Engine Stores, Poly prop & Wire Ropes, Medical Products, BA Charts.

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius

Garbage Disposal

The Following Garbage categories can be disposed:

Plastic (Cat. A)

Domestic (Cat. C)

Cooking Oil (Cat. D)

Incinerator Ashes (Cat. E)

Recyclable Aluminium cans

Recyclable paper products (Cat. I)

Recyclable E waster


Garbage can be disembarked into water taxi and same collected by the approved Port Garbage handlers.

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius

Inland Transportation

Our supplier has a wide range of transport inclusive of Sedan cars and mini vans for the safe transfers. We have signed agreement for competitive tariffs and a transfer from airport to Port Louis (50kms).

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius


Processing of bunker clearance in Port Louis Harbour and establishing communication between the vessel and physical supplier and obtaining approvals from relevant local authorities.


Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius