Agency Services

The company provide vessels with all clearance and application for entering the port of Port Louis and ensures measures are well processed before their arrival to evade needless impediments with local authority.

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius

Transit of Arms and Ammunitions

We, as a Port Agent, facilitate the embarkation/disembarkation of armed/unarmed security guards in Mauritius for protection of vessels crossing the HRA for safety measures during their transits. We deal with the local authorities on behalf of the PMSC for a smooth port call within a minimum laps of time to avoid delays to the vessels.

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius

Crew Repatriation

We manage disembarkation of off-signing crew members through water and land transportation in Mauritius Port. As your agent, we deal with the immigration and custom authorities to procure visa, access pass on behalf of the off-signers once ashore and measures are taken for proper accommodation.

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius

Clearance and Delivery of Ships Spares

As a shipping company, we handle delivery of ship spares and various shipments from abroad to vessels within 24 hours prior to ETA. We offer brokerage services for re-shipments by air/sea through various courier companies namely DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc…

Cruise Vessel at Port Louis Mauritius

Bunkering Services

The company furthermore provide bunkering in Mauritius by processing bunker clearance in Port Louis Harbour and establish communication between the vessel and physical supplier. We as per your representative will take care of the remaining procedures relating to approvals to be obtained from relevant local authorities, the Ministry of Public infrastructure, Land transportation and shipping, etc..